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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Paul Bennett is a PDRA in the Laboratory for Scientific Computing. He recieved his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Leicester, under the supervision of Dr Aldo Rona. Paul joined the Laboratory for Scientific Computing in 2013 following a number of research projects involving computational fluid dynamics for turbomachinery, turbulence modelling and computational aeroacoustic simulations at Cambridge University, Trinity College Dublin and Loughborough University.

Paul Bennett's research is primarily in multiphysics, multi-material problems involving coupling multiple states of matter within a single-system model framework. Paul is currently working on the development and implementation of simulation methods for modelling lightning strike on aerospace components in association with Boeing Research & Technology.

Paul is also involved in a number of other research projects, including the development of embedded boundary methods, specifically cut-cell methods for solid body and multimaterial interfaces.


Key publications: 

Bennett, W. P., Nikos Nikiforakis, and Rupert Klein. "A moving boundary flux stabilization method for Cartesian cut-cell grids using directional operator splitting." Journal of Computational Physics 368 (2018): 333-358.

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Bennett, William P. A time-accurate computational analysis of two-dimensional wakes. University of Leicester (United Kingdom), 2005.