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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Key publications: 
  • Modelling applied to the problems of Energetic Materials Characterisation: Design of Pyrotechnic devices and Explosives Calorimetric studies, M Braithwaite, N Davies, W Evans and P D Lightfoot, International Pyrotechnic Symposium, IPS 2002 USA
  • Thermodynamic Representations for Solid Products in Ideal Detonation Predictions, M Braithwaite, N L Allan, 12th Symposium (Intnl) on Detonation (2002), ONR
  • Temperature based Reactive Flow Model for ANFO, R M Mulford, D C Swift & M Braithwaite, 12th Symposium (Intnl) on Detonation (2002), ONR
  • Towards the Equation of State for Detonation Products: a Benchmark for Thermochemical Codes, O Heuze, M Braithwaite, DC Swift, K Tanaka and S Victorov, High Dynamic Pressures V, St Malo (2003)
  • On conductivity changes in shocked potassium chloride, N K Bourne, D Townsend & M Braithwaite, J Appl Phys, 97(12) 185-188 (2005)
  • Explosive decomposition of ethylene oxide at elevated condition: effect of ignition energy, nitrogen dilution, and turbulence, Pekalski A.A., Zevenbergen, J.F., Braithwaite, M., Lemkowitz, S.M. & Pasman, H.J, J. Haz. Mat. A118 (2005) 19-34
  • Steady State Detonations in Cylindrical Sticks of Explosives, G J Sharpe and M Braithwaite, J Engineering Mathematics, 53(1), 39-58 (2005)
  • Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Steady Detonations in Highly Non- Ideal Explosives, M Braithwaite, C V B Cunningham & G J Sharpe, 13th Intnl Detonation Symposium, Norfolk Va (2006)
  • A Theoretical Study of the Dependence of Non-Ideal Detonation and Diameter Effect on the Decomposition Rates in Cylindrical Charges of Polytropic Explosive, M Braithwaite & M Cowperthwaite, 13th Intnl Detonation Symposium, Norfolk Va (2006)
  • Simulation of real detonations as an energy source term for the Hybrid Stress Blasting Model, 9th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, M. Braithwaite, G.J. Sharpe & G.P. Chitombo, Granada 2009 (Balkema)
William Penney Fellow
Not available for consultancy