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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



My research focuses on developing and investigating the use of reduced models for modelling detonation. Reduced models are models that have been derived from more complicated systems of equations; for example the reduction of the Euler equations to the semi-empirical Wood-Kirkwood quasi-1D model. These reduced models are often a set of ODEs that are much quicker to solve than the original full set of equations. Despite rapidly evolving technology, interest in reduced models is still maintained; they can be utilised for parametric studies or parameter fitting for equations of state or reaction rates in more complicated numerical models. They are also excellent tools for industrial purposes where fast computations, on small computers, using real physics, is needed.

To be able to make the necessary reductions to produce a reduced model, many assumptions and approximations may be needed. My research focuses on probing these assumptions and approximations with use of a CFD code. My research is a multidisciplinary project covering a range of subject areas including applied mathematics, numerical modelling, physics, fluid dynamics, chemistry, scientific computing, programming and data analysis.

My research is kindly sponsored by Orica Mining Services.

Research student
Not available for consultancy