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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Bok Jik was a post-doctoral research associate in the group. He is currently a Research Scientist at the Clean Combustion Centre at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.


Key publications: 
  • B.J. Lee, E.F. Toro, C.E. Castro, N. Nikiforakis, “Adaptive Osher-type scheme for the Euler equations with highly nonlinear equations of state,” Journal of Computational Physics, 246:165-183 (2013).

  • S. Schoch, N.Nikiforakis, B.J. Lee, R. Saurel, “Multiphase simulation of ammonium nitrate emulsion detonations,” Combustion and Flame, in press, (2013) .

  • H.J. Lee, B.J. Lee, S.D. Kim, I.-S. Jeung, “Flow characteristics of small-sized supersonic inlets,” Journal of Propulsion and Power, 27(2):306-318 (2011).

  • B.J. Lee, I.-S. Jeung, “Numerical study of spontaneous ignition of pressurized hydrogen released by the failure of a rupture disk into a tube,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 34(20):8763-8769 (2009).

  • S.D. Kim, B.J. Lee, H.J. Lee, and I.-S. Jeung, “Robust HLLC Riemann solver with weighted average flux scheme for strong shock,” Journal of Computational Physics, 228(20):7634-7642 (2009).

PDRA alumnus
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