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Dr Stephen Millmore

Dr Stephen Millmore

Research Associate

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 747395


Stephen Millmore received his PhD from the University of Southampton in July 2010 under the supervision of Dr Ian Hawke.  He currently holds a postdoctoral position which is sponsored by Boeing Research and Technology dealing with anti-icing technology for aircraft.

Research Interests:
Stephen Millmore's research is primarily within computational fluid dynamics, and is specifically aimed at situations where more than one material is present.  This research, under his current postdoc for Boeing Research and Technology, involves investigating the dynamics of water droplets splashing on aircraft wings, including the effect of the surrounding air.  Understanding such processes is necessary for developing effective anti-icing technology.  This work involves accurately modelling high velocity droplet impact upon a surface, with consideration given to the effects of surface tension as the droplet splashes, as well as investigating the effect that vibration of the aircraft's surface has upon the splash dynamics.

Additionally, Stephen is interested in the other applications of the numerical methods fundamental to multi-material simulations, namely the level set methods which are employed to denote the boundary between two materials.  He is investigating the implementation of similar methods in the tracking of detonation fronts.

NST 1B: Mathematical methods supervisions.


  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Level set methods
  • Surface tension
  • Ghost Fluid Method
  • Detonation shock dynamics
  • Aircraft icing and anti-icing
  • Ultrasonic modulation of aircraft surfaces

Key Publications

  • Millmore, S.T. and Hawke, I. (2010) Numerical simulations of interfaces in relativistic hydrodynamics. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 27, (1), 015007-[23pp]. (doi:10.1088/0264-9381/27/1/015007)
  • Interfaces in Numerical Relativistic Hydrodynamics, Stephen Millmore, PhD Thesis, University of Southampton, 2010.