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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Key publications: 

S. Schoch, N. Nikiforakis, B. J. Lee, R. Saurel “Multi-phase simulation of ammonium nitrate emulsion detonations”, Combustion and Flame, Volume 160, Issue 9, pp. 1883-1899, 2013

S. Schoch, K. Nordin-Bates, N. Nikiforakis “An Eulerian algorithm for coupled simulations of elastoplastic-solids and condensed-phase explosives”, Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 252, Pages 163–194, 2013

S. Schoch, N. Nikiforakis, B. J. Lee, “The propagation of detonation waves in non-ideal condensed-phase explosives confined by high sound-speed materials” Physics of Fluids, Volume 25, Issue 8,, 2013

Research Associate
Not available for consultancy