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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Frederik Traeuble

I obtained a B.Sc. in physics from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Within my final year thesis at the Max-Planck Institute of plasma physics, I analysed various high temperature plasma states for tokamak devices in terms of stability and scalability.


During my studies, I have been supported as scholar of the Max Weber Program of the state of Bavaria. Moreover, I have conducted several tutorials in physics for undergraduate students. Within an internship I got involved in a project where we developed and applied Machine Learning algorithms for object detection in smart IoT devices. I am mainly interested in the interdisciplinary nature of scientific computing as many major problems in science are far too complex to be solved by hand but become feasible by advanced computing capabilities.

Further research interests of mine are statistical physics as well as nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in complex systems.

MPhil student 2017-18
Not available for consultancy