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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Ed's Ph.d research project involves the development of the dynamical
core of a multiphase fluid flow model of the Earth's oceans and atmosphere.

Traditional ocean-atmosphere models use coupling equations at the air-water
interface.  These couplings can cause significant errors, particularly in global
models. Various solutions to this problem have included the use of special
models at the interface, and the use of cut cells.  Some of these techniques
work, but at the cost of complexity and/or efficiency.

Ed's dynamical core uses the ghost fluid method at the air water interface.
This method is less complex than other alternatives, particularly in three

This model is applied to both compressible and incompressible flows, as well as
to a compressible atmosphere - incompressible ocean formulation.

The key element of this model is its ability to represent convective and conductive
heat circulation between the ocean and the atmosphere.

Applications of this work are likely to be found in global climate modelling,
global and regional weather forecasting, and coastal limnology.

Research student
Not available for consultancy