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Laboratory for Scientific Computing



Research at the Laboratory for Scientific Computing is almost entirely commissioned by industry. Our niche is the implementation of the latest research directly into industrial applications, focusing on strategic technologies of direct benefit to the industrial partner.

This is achieved by employing and training HPC-literate physical scientists and engineers, who work closely with their industrial counterparts. To this end, office space for short visits or/and long-term secondments is available to participating companies. 

In this way, methodologies that would otherwise take many years (or never) to be used by industry, are introduced in a relatively short time into operational software. Moreover,  the facilitation of technology transfer from one scientific/engineering discipline into another, amplifies the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of this approach.

Depending on the nature of the project, work is commissioned either by the University's Research Office or by Cambridge Enterprise (a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Cambridge, which is responsible for commercialisation arrangements of University research).

Current partners include automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, petroleum, mining and defense industries, as well government organisations and establishments.

If your company is interested to work with our Lab, please contact Dr Nikos Nikiforakis nn10005 at